Tebakan Lucu » Tebakan Lucu
jual kosmetik murah » WOW...THATS COOL
Vimax » nice blog
Kc16 » I love you guys. thank you for your music. You make me proud being from the same island.
Kc16 » I love you guys. thank you for your music. You make me proud being from the same island.
RJfrias » F.Y.I you always come first to mind, You may have noticed that by now
pathfinder16 » maude hits a soft spot in me
jay-r » astig luna grace! eto pinaka malufet na song ng SATI! thumbs up!
pennylane » i like pretty loser, wish you'd release another album with this in it. i heard you guys play it back in the old 6UG.
pennylane » i love your songs! wish i could see you guys play again.
rOshkOsh » the heartaches
rOshkOsh » i looooooove the lyrics . ♥♥
rOshkOsh » i love everything on the album.
javaRice » yo orven, you still play here around metro manila? i was thinking of going to one of your gigs these days. you have gig scheds?
mich simbajon » bai mich ni, a man ta kapalit og tangible rhymes nga cd ninyo?
asdf » i do hope flowerfish get re-released here in manila. every record bar i've been to's been out of stock for some time now.
denise » hey bisoy! love all the songs on flowerfish! especially "violet". what's the meaning behind it/ hehehe
flymajesty » I want to download an MP3 for maude.. how can i get it?
flymajesty » how can i get that song maude?
Orven » Hi zoomertoy_ph@yahoo.com. Your email doesn't seem to work. What songs did you need chords to?
SATI » Hi, you can order through indiecultureonline. That's the only place you can get it now because its out of print already.
aeon17x » Hinahanap ko po iyung Plastic Eyes, Static Minds album dito sa pinas... wala po akong makita. T_T help po
Ahlen » <vicente> - the most recent is Quick To Panic, which is under the Flowerfish album
balong » very intelligent music, it's one of a kind in the context of pinoy music. lahi jud basta mga bisaya, maayo jud though there are exceptions... more power to SATI !
vincente » whats the title of sheila and the insects hit song?
Enrique » great album bai. bought one from tower records sa megamall. great music...
humberjet » ang hirap hanapin ang mga album nyo sa music store. pero astig mga sounds nyo grabeh way back nagnumber one kayo as Nu107 ung everyday drive and fallin favorite ko ito!
shut up! » congratulations to jerros for winning best drummer!
a fan too » if you like falling, you'll probably like "just in case"
Miss Rae » wa gyuy kalupigs falling. wa man sad nuon ko kadungog aning bago. hehe.
gail » hello, i really like your new song quick to panic. kakaiba talaga.
Alan » i'm currently working with boom to come up with a video for "quick to panic". any ideas from the band would really help
bisoy » pholdo, text me lang bai. u still have my number? P250 lang
pholdo » asa ko kapalit t-shirt??????
bisoy » thanks bels, watch out for our next album: flowerfish, out by June or July this year!
bels » i really like your songs, esp your comedy and everyday drive. haven't heard the other songs yet but i bet they're great too
pikoi » pahingi ng lyrics ng cattski.
bisoy » wooh, sorry folks, this blog is dedicated to SATI lyrics only. Thanks for dropping by though
mb » asa maka kita ug lyrics sa flowers by come (smooth friction sauna)
Biatch » lyrics ng bound by cattski
beverly » pahingi ng lyrics ng Missing Filemon!!!! cge na plz!!!
AnneP » wow! you've always been very well versed and artistic brod. i am proud of you. who knew from our tambayan days... keep in touch basi di na ka ma-reach
cs » bitaw...am excited to hear the new tunes! *pat on the back* for all the hardwork--i'm sure such dedication shows in the sheila shit you all manage to weave quiet brilliantly kudos!
cs » oy... the new songs read like they are...uhm...what do you call those...ah! "love songs"! seems like time does have a way of softening the sharp edges of the sarcasm and cynicism...tsk tsk.
orven » Welcome to SATI's all new, all-lyrics weblog. Do let me know of typos if you ever spot one. Suggestions on how to improve this log are welcome.