Entry: Quick to panic Dec 22, 2004

Lyrics by Orven Enoveso, Music by Ian Zafra, Orven Enoveso, Simon Nunez, Jerros Dolino

You're so quick to panic
Controlled suicide
You don't turn me on
You don't turn me on

You cut me down to size
Youíre so full of lies
So quick to pass the blame
Such reckless paradise
You donít turn me on
You donít turn me on at all

Must you always rush
Just because you just must
Must you always rush
Just because you just must

You donít turn me on
You donít turn me on
You donít turn me on
You donít turn me on at all

Frantic suicide
Frantic suicide gone wrong now
Frantic suicide
Frantic suicide gone wrong now


March 28, 2007   11:53 AM PDT
January 16, 2007   12:00 PM PST
April 3, 2006   05:53 PM PDT
When I first heard and saw it in MTV, I thought it was Gang of Four...It sounded like Damaged Goods. You guys are very different. Not the typical band. Ur one of my top pinoy band!

Keep rockin'! More Power to you guys...
March 24, 2006   12:58 AM PST
This is an underrated song which really caught my attention as it sounded different. Pero astig tong kantang 2, also the vid. When I first saw and heard it, I thought it was another brit band. I was stunned when I found out that these guys were pinoy. Rock on SATI! \m/
January 10, 2006   08:35 AM PST
this song made them famous...

underground sila dati...
January 5, 2006   08:57 PM PST
Sheila and the Insects.. MATAGAL na sila, pero hindi masyadong kilala dati. Kakatawa nga naman eh, nakilala sila ng iba dahil sa kantang 'to.. I wonder where can I get one of their older albums, hirap na maghanap nung mga nauna nila eh...
December 26, 2005   04:38 PM PST
I really liked this song... and it was my occurring last song syndrome last week...

Sayang di ako maka-tiyempo ng album nyo...
December 4, 2005   06:32 PM PST
i love quick to panic...
November 27, 2005   01:04 PM PST
this song made me buy your album not knowing the other songs yet because they (radio stations) weren't playing any other singles then (months ago). went to a record store saw track#4. next thing i knew i was home trying to learn the lyrics! fantastic song! reminds me of early cure, stiff little fingers, gang of four (damaged goods in particular)! splendid album!

November 8, 2005   05:22 PM PST
astig tong song na toh sobra!!!!! kala ko nung una foreign band to laking gulat ko nung nalaman ko na local lang [pala. i have to say that this band is one of the greatest rock bands ever!!!
October 22, 2005   12:07 AM PDT
i can think of only two things when i saw the vid....

frank miller's sin city

backstreet boy's video "the call"

now is this a dis or not? thats for you to decide..
October 13, 2005   08:44 PM PDT
hirap magdownload ng quick to ppanic wooooo!!!!! well done!!!
October 10, 2005   06:22 PM PDT
u r something lm/
October 3, 2005   09:45 PM PDT
grabe...nagka ka last song syndrome ako kapag naririnig ko yung QUICK TO PANIC...parang foreign ang dating.pero pinoy pala...ganda pa ng video ha.....
goodluck sa band!!!!!.....
September 29, 2005   08:52 AM PDT
daig pa nyo ang pinoy post-punk group na the dawn...
princess ann
September 29, 2005   01:06 AM PDT
ayos! ayos macyado ang sheila and the insects! heheh.. gling nyo lahat! rgards k s inyong bassist! heheeh... gling nya po kc.. sna dlaw kau d2... plagi kung inaabangan video nyo s mtv... heheh... nong una k nga napanood un.. kla k foreign band... gudluck s bAnd nyo... :)
Debbie Sagge
September 22, 2005   11:31 AM PDT
Please please please visit us here sa iloilo.... :)
Debbie Sagge
September 22, 2005   11:26 AM PDT
world class ang quality ng music nyo... first time i saw your video, i thought foreign artist... damn! local pala..sheila and the insects pa.. astig!... the video was a blast! ang ganda... basta keep up the good work: )

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