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Dec 21, 2004
Luna grace

Lyrics by Orven Enoveso, Music by Ian Zafra, Orven Enoveso, Simon Nunez, Jerros Dolino

Iím holding back from your embrace
For the third time for the third time
Elusive face, nocturnal flair
On my own time, consenting crime

Luna grace, luna grace
I feel Iíve known you for life
Luna grace, luna grace
I only see you at night

Iíll stake my claim
No hurt nor shame
For the last time, for the last time
Dismay and pain for the rest of my days
Let me be now

Luna grace, luna grace
Although my pain is so great
Luna grace, luna grace
I know now this is my fate

My muse my grace,
Longing and pain
I curse my curse
My sorry fate

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