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Jun 7, 2004

Lyrics and music by Ian Zafra, M. Simbajon, Blair Kriekenbeek

Journey if you must I say but
Listen to these words I say
People will invade and invade they will
Like beasts in the night
They will rip away your life
In this wicked world that we live in
You may feel left all alone
In a space that's just not your own
Vagrant as you walk away
Waiting for a better day

It's a pity you don't know the way I feel
It's a pity you don't know the way I feel

For what its worth I'll let you know
You can fall on me when you're falling down
And know that you will never be alone

It's a pity you don't know the way I feel
It's a pity you don't know the way I feel

Journey if you must I say but listen to these words I say
You will never ever be alone

Posted at 11:47 am by bisoy

November 22, 2010   12:24 AM PST
i was still a lil kid when i heard this song coz my cousin blair K. was like playing this song over and over before hehe
June 1, 2008   05:18 PM PDT
i remember during my hi-skul years with this song..nang-limbawt ako tingkoy when the SATI revived Desolate..hopefully, SATI will dig more to those New Cebu Music era bands which produces a really really great song..theres a lot of it..to the SATI, keep the fire burning, man..to Mich, very touchy message..
April 21, 2007   01:06 AM PDT
remembering the good old days when blair , ian , tonton and me were in our younger days, filled our thoughts with backyard dreams that one day the four of us will hit and make it big. only one of us though pursued through reality testing. now ian together with his bandmates are riding the wave, and as proud as parents of his children so am i with this band, i feel i belong to.

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