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Jun 9, 2004
The Broken Song of Maryjane

Lyrics and music by Ian Zafra

In the house of envy
There is passion so pale
Like if you should leave me
I'll be absolutely frail
I could lose my shelter,
Lose my human soul and all that I own
All because the grass has made its tune
The broken song of Maryjane

I turn away from the hollow wounds
That's faked within me
If you had a knife so blunt it can never cut your life
Same as with me
Life's been very cruel and heavenly wicked
I sense to find what it' s like to be
The broken song of Maryjane

Whoever gave a name to my refuge?
Like souls in the haze
Worse than heaven's blaze
I was so alone, so alone
I feel so deprived with Maryjane
(How I wish I'd see the sun and keep it coming)

And she could love like burning hell
Flickering fingers all in a drift
A warm December lights a day
And make us feel the cold winds
In my shelter felt so holy yet I'm heavenly wicked
I'd rather not sing this song
The broken song of Maryjane
The broken song of Maryjane

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