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Jul 12, 2004
Sometimes When I Sleep

Lyrics and music by Ian Zafra

Youíre so beautiful so beautiful to see
In the midst of socialized technology
Am I heading where I want to be
Can we have this chemistry
Everyday is wonderful to me
In spite of all this cosmetology
Am I going where i wish to be
Can we have this chemistry

Sometimes, when I sleep at night
I keep falling from this flight
While youíre so naive but I donít mind
I donít mind
Sometimes, when i dream I find
Im so wrapped around my lies
But I donít mind, I feel so fine
I feel so fine

Youíre as beautiful as ever
It can never be denied
It can never be denied

Suddenly, time flies
And you gave your innocence tonight
Stolen from my peaceful slumber
As we share the world together
Where is my philosophy
Is it just the chemistry

Feel so high, feel so high.......

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