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Dec 24, 2004

Lyrics and music by Orven Enoveso

Let me hold your hand again, just once again
Can you believe it,
Its been seven years since I have had a friend
Look into my eyes and see the fading light of memories,
Of half-forgotten smiles beneath your summer skies

Let me sing this song again, just once again
Can I remember well,
The lines I wrote before I chose to end
The sadness in my smiles and oft-repeated jokes
Remembering the times I spent alone and with myself and I

I don't need many friends
Just real ones few
Just like you

Tell me more I beg of you, a tale or two
The years that passed you by,
Have they been as pale as my sad lullabyes
Vaguely I recall amidst the noise and all a memory,
Of half-remembered thoughts of fading stories tall

I don't need another friend whose just a friend,
I can depend on to
Abandon me for seven years again
Look into my eyes and see the fading light of memories,
Of half-forgotten lies beneath your winter skies

I don't need many friends
Just real ones few
How much have you changed since then
Or are you still you

Just like you
Just like you
(Just a friend, you're just a friend....)
Just a friend

Posted at 01:27 pm by bisoy

January 28, 2011   09:11 PM PST
this is also my fave sati song. lyrics+melody
May 24, 2009   04:40 AM PDT
this is my favorite SATI song! curious tuloy ako, sino si MAUDE?!
February 11, 2007   06:26 PM PST
yeah nice song! pero sino nga ba si maude?
December 20, 2005   09:35 PM PST
this song is one of the most emotional songs in the album, and it reminds us of how good shiela and the insects are as a band. this song reminds me of her, you know who you are. simon anton nino diego baena of bais city

anton baena
December 9, 2005   01:30 PM PST
this song is really a killer. from yhe melodies to the voice, a huge appeal for the lonely persons out there. anyway it reminds me of my very special friend rachelle. more power to SATI!
ianIx Of MuNdUs!
November 30, 2005   04:41 PM PST
astig to......music, music , music and more music!!!!!!!
October 13, 2005   05:44 PM PDT
this song made me cry when i first heard you play it on mtv sessions.
i believe thats reason enough for me to say that i love this song sooo much.. its beautiful!
im a new fan and i cant wait to get a copy of your new album...
January 20, 2005   11:49 AM PST
salamat sa magandang musika kaibigan. ..
December 6, 2004   07:42 AM PST
can't get enough of this song! it has been playing round and round on my PC for a couple of days now. the tune is in my head all the time.. wondering if this is gonna be the first single off the fourth album? or shall it be violet, given that it'd be finished?

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